Wednesday, January 18, 2012

fresh air

Last week was NOT fun at our house. Kass was out of town. Kaden got the stomach bug. Passed it on to me. And then later on in the weekend to Kass (double whammy for him 'cause it was during a bachelor party). Needless to say, Kaden and I were cooped up for a good part of the week. Both of us were stir crazy. Tired of each other. And in dire need of some fresh air. So a trip to Brenham could not have come at a more perfect time. Kass was headed to Huntsville for a bachelor weekend so lil' man and I spent some time at Nana and Papa's.

Kaden was in heaven. The boy loves to be out in the country. Running wild. Feeding cows with Papa. Opening gates. Closing them.

Fresh country air. Does a body good.

On Sunday, we met Kass in Huntsville and got a little tour of Republic Whitetails ranch and lodge - bachelor party location. If you're a hunter, you should definitely check the place out. We saw some pretty amazing bucks.

Pretty good weekend for each of us. Kaden soaked in Nana and Papa's love. I spent some much needed time with my beautiful sister and crazy cousin sipping wine and shopping in downtown Brenham. And Kass got to spend some time catching up with the guys.