Sunday, October 31, 2010

a year ago today...

The madness began. We became Texas residents...again!

I was only allowed to put away small, light weight items. Orders from my mom. Guess she didn't want me to go in to labor any sooner than I did. I only had 9 days till my due date in this picture. Looking back at this picture does not make me miss being pregnant. I had a great, easy pregnancy. No complaints. Just don't miss feeling fat!

This move was by far the easiest move of the 3 that Kass and I have experienced. The movers packed, moved and practically unpacked every box for us. Of course, we still had to put it away, but at least all the boxes were taken away on move day. Many, many thanks to my parents, sister and wonderful husband for all of the work they did to make sure everything was how I, the pregnant woman, wanted it that day!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mommy & Me Monday

Kaden and I had a play date with a few of our friends at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden yesterday. Here we are with Lauren and Nate (middle) and Jennifer and Andrew (right). These 3 little boys are quite the handful when we get together!

Right now, the Arboretum is celebrating autumn with lots and lots of pumpkins. Over 40,000! This little guy had a blast with the freedom he was allowed! Now that he's walking, there's no holding him back.

We got to see the ONLY pumpkin village in the world. Complete with four walk-through houses made out of pumpkins. Each house represents a children’s book that features pumpkins in the story.

There are also 150,000 fall blooming flowers this time of the year at the Arboretum. Just beautiful with the pumpkin accents! I can't wait to visit in the spring...

Monday, October 18, 2010

back at it

Baseball. Kass started playing again. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my husband play a sport that he loves and is so passionate about. It also makes me kind of sad. Kass played for 3 years with a team in Denver. They were good! Won the league 3 or 4 years in a row. I'm sad because I miss sitting with Amy and Kara at the games. Cheering our husbands on. Grabbing pizza or Red Robin fries after the games. Bringing candy to share with the girls. They knew they could count on me for candy or sunflower seeds.

This new team is good too! They finished in first place for the fall season. Now they have off until the spring. I am sure I will make new friends with this new team but they will never replace my Amy and Kara or Kass' Danny and Scott. For now, Kaden and I will watch our "hero" play. Just the 2 of us.

I love watchin' him catch. For 2 reasons. You probably guessed the first one (looks pretty darn good behind the plate) and the second, in my opinion, he's freakin' good!

I have nothing to say about this picture. All I have is smiles. He brings so much sunshine into our lives. me. Is my daddy in there?

Yep...yep, I see him!

And the 2 loves of my life!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Big Orange Pumpkin Farm

Now this is a pumpkin farm. Where you actually get to pick your pumpkin from the patch. None of that buying pumpkins from under a big tent like we experienced last weekend.

This morning, Kaden and I met our Thursday play group out at the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in Celina, TX. Here we are with Amanda and Logan (standing) and Beth and Grace (sitting next to us). Check out Kaden trying to take Grace's snacks and Grace not having anything to do with it.

It was a very nice morning to be out and about. Kaden went on his first hayride today through the farm. Interestingly enough, we were on the hayride with a Christian school group and sat right next to another Kaden who was 5 years old. They became pals along the ride.

Great opportunity for some fall pictures. If only I could get the lil' guy to look at the camera and actually give me a smile.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

what a weekend...

Last weekend was a busy one. Only because we made it that way. There are weekends where I just want to relax and spend time at home with my boys. And then there are those where I want to get things done. Check things off the list. I am a list kinda girl. Anyways, we started the weekend early Friday afternoon by driving over to the stone and gravel place to buy materials to complete a small flowerbed in the back yard. We started while Kaden napped. And when he woke up, he joined us outside. Playing in the dirt. Playing with the water. He was absolutely filthy when we were done. We all were. I should have taken a picture but all I wanted to do when that project was over was shower.

Saturday morning brought visitors much to Kaden's surprise. Bridget, Cody and Jenny drove up late Friday night. They had tickets to the A&M football game on Saturday. He had a blast showing them all of his toys in the playroom. I enjoyed drinking my coffee without a little boy tugging at me to come play with him. Much to my demise, here's a picture of Kaden with the Aggies.

After lunching at Wingstop with the Ags, we stopped at Buy Buy Baby to scope out a new car seat for the lil' man. Here he is holding daddy's hand walking through the store. Notice the matching outfits. Pretty cute, I must say!

Saturday afternoon, we checked out The Great Pumpkin Patch at Storybook Ranch which is within walking distance from our house. Not that we walked there, but we could have. I wouldn't really classify this as a "patch" but that's what they call it. There are just a ton of pumpkins under a big tent. You pick the one you want and buy it. We got 2 for $15.

And here's his newest trick...TOUCHDOWN! Perfect for football season. His friend Logan does this and daddy thought it was pretty cool so now Kaden does ALL THE TIME. He thinks it fun. We think it's cute.

Checkin' out the animals at the petting zoo.

Sunday, we took a little trip to the State Fair of Texas. We looked and looked for all the fried food. Mainly the fried butter. Apparently, we weren't looking in the right places 'cause we never found it. We walked and walked and walked. Saw lots of animals. And even more people. It was crowded to say the least. And hot. Not really the experience I was hoping for but I'm glad we went. It was kinda weird being at the State Fair but not because we were showing our animals. That's the only reason my family ever went. To show our Gerts and steers. Really strange walking through the show barn. We all felt like city slickers with our shorts and flops on.

Kaden thought this goat was pretty cool until it stood up on the fence and was eye level with him.

Grabin' a snack!

And a lil' sip of water.

One last pic before his pals leave for the drive back to Aggieland.

Monday, October 4, 2010

11 months old

Kaden is 11 months old today. It's just crazy how the time flies when you have a child. Everyone has started asking if I am sad that he's going to be 1 soon. NO! Everyday is a new adventure with Kaden. He never ceases to amaze me with how quickly he learns new things!

Here's what he's been up to on his 11 month birthday...

Playin' in the fridge as I unpack the groceries.

Checkin' out his drill. He likes tools. Just like his daddy.

More tools... And it appears he knows what to do with the wrench.

Contemplating turning his rockin' chair over (occurs on a daily basis).

And...yep, you guessed it! Walking like a big boy.

He started taking steps on his 10 month birthday. And just recently, he started standing unassisted and then just takes off walking. It's still not his primary way of getting around (because he can get to things faster if he crawls) but he is definitely getting comfortable with the idea of walking. And I'm lovin' it!

Friday, October 1, 2010

spending some time...

Back in August, we had visitors from Missouri. Aunt Catrina, Uncle Aaron and Cousin Kamden! It's always fun to have family visit but even more fun when that includes a playmate for Kaden. Ok. I know. So what. They are 3 years apart. Kaden loves his cousin! He likes his toys too. And Kamden took more of an interest in Kaden this visit. His is no longer Baby Kaden. But "my cousin". So cute!

While they were here, I learned all the names of Kamden's toys. That of which I will not remember next time. I quickly realized that I have so many things to learn about little boys! With 2 little boys in the house who were constantly on the go, it's seemed easier and more fun to actually get out of the house. So we went to the park. Went to have lunch with Kass. Went to the splash park. The boys loved that. The adults did too. 'Cause that meant nap time was next!

We even went to mall. Walked around. Shopped a little. Ate lunch. Rode the carousel. Kaden loved that! So much that he pitched a little fit when it was time to get off :)

Here's to looking forward to many more visits and watching the boys grow up together!