Monday, February 27, 2012


My nephew turned 5 on the 18th. So we packed up and headed north to celebrate! Loads of fun was had at the Star Wars themed party...coloring, lightsaber wars, a pinata, cake and even a 3D movie.

R2-D2 birthday cake. Made by my SIL and MIL. The BIL had a hand in it too.

This 2 year old had an absolute blast hanging with all of his cousins 5 year old friends.

Stocking up on the goods from the pinata.

Even got to soak up some time with Grandma while we were there.

Once the partying was over, my SIL (with reinforcements) took an insane ~ my opinion ~ amount of 5 year olds to see Star Wars 3D. Here they are looking very stud like in their 3D glasses.

The boys are at a really fun age right now and had so much fun together. We are still talking about how much fun we had at cousin Kamden's house. Can't wait to visit again.

Peek-a-boo. One of his favorite things was climbing up to the top bunk of Kamden's bed and pretending to go night-night.

Most know that last May Joplin was hit with an EF5 tornado. Catrina, Aaron and Kamden were not in the path of the storm ~ thank God. However, some of their friends and their town was not as fortunate. Sunday after church, we drove around with Catrina to see the damage. It's almost been a year, and there's still so much left to rebuild. Tugs at your heart...

What's left of the hospital.

This was the location of the Catholic church. The cross was the only thing left standing.

The high school. The tornado hit on a Sunday afternoon. God had his hand in that one.