Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Kaden attended his first fair last week. The oldest in the state of Texas, I might add. The Washington County Fair, that this. Even though it was hotter than you know what outside, he had a blast. I did too. Nana bought him a cool little wagon and he just loved riding around in it. Taking in all the people. All the animals. Waving. Smiling. I think Nana had the most fun though. She knows EVERYONE in Washington County. So of course, she had a blast parading Kaden around in his wagon and showing him off to all of her friends!

He even got a picture with the 2010 Washington County Fair Queen, Miss Carrie Kmiec. He doesn't know it yet, but his mama was the 1998 Washington County Fair Queen. One day I'll break out the sash and crown and tell him the story of all the hard work and dedication it took to win that title. Truth is, it won't be a big deal to him. 'Cause he's a boy!

And the petting zoo. That was an adventure. First we had to wait until all the school kids had their turn. Tons of them. And I didn't want to get in the mix. He loved the animals. Mainly the donkey and goats. How do I know this? Well let's just put it this way. He thought is was funny to pull the donkey's ears and he tried crawling on top of one of the goats while it was laying down. The pictures below are my sad attempt to snap a couple of shots with my phone while making sure my child didn't venture off on his own in the mix of animals.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Andrew!

Kaden's friend, Andrew, turned 1 on Thursday and we helped him celebrate at his party this afternoon. Kaden had a blast playing with Andrew's other friends, giving high fives to Andrew's grandpa and just being plain silly! He is quite a little ham! I love it!

Daddy and Kaden before the party.

Mommy and Kaden. He is waving for the camera! I love his smile with his 2 front teeth!

Kaden and his friend, Nate.


Andrew was ever so careful NOT to get dirty while eating his cake.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mmm. mmm. good.

So I know this blog is really supposed to be about Kaden. But I must brag about myself for a moment. Last weekend, I made my first apple pie. It was yum-i-licious!

No. I didn't just bake this for Kass and me. I can't. We would sit around and eat the entire thing ourselves in one day. We are bad when it comes to sweets. Can't have them in the house. We went over to have dinner with the soon-to-be Tappan's Saturday evening.

Here's the part where I brag about Kaden. We put him to bed while we had dinner and dessert and lots of great wine. Then, when we were ready to head home, we woke him up. Drove home with him wide awake. That made us nervous. Got home. Put him in his bed. He went right back to sleep without a peep. So happy we are blessed with such a good sleeper!

...on horseback

Last Friday, we met friends for dinner at Randy White's BBQ. It wasn't too terribly hot out so we sat on the patio. With 2 boys, things can get a little rowdy. Good thing we were outside. After dinner, the boys took turns sitting on the mechanical horse, that didn't work! Oh well. It was still fun. It always is when you are trying new things.