Friday, February 25, 2011

Missouri Superheros.

After being home from Colorado for a day and a half, we packed up the car and headed out for our 5 hour road trip to Missouri. It was a quick trip. There and back in 24 hours. My nephew turned 4 and I wasn't going to miss another birthday party. We missed years 2 and 3. 2 because we lived in Colorado and I was working on my MBA and 3 because we just moved back to Texas and had Kaden.

Saturday morning, the Flip Shop in Joplin, MO was invaded by superheros. The cutest little superheros I've ever seen. My creative and talented sister-in-law made superhero capes for all of the birthday boy's friends. Like 25 of them. And they all wore them during the party. Jumping on the humongous trampolines. Flying through the air on a rope, with capes blowing in the wind. Or simply relaxing in the huge pit of the birthday boy.

Seriously. I love the capes. My little superhero is really in to it too. He'll bring it to me during the day and want me to tie it on just so he can run through the house. So when he's really in to the whole superhero thing, I'll be hitting up my sister -in-law for her sewing services :).

Though the party was for Kamden and his friends. I'm not sure who had more fun. The kids. Or the adults. Kass commented last night, almost a week after the party, "that bounce place was so fun". Suppose we're all still kids at heart.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Going, going...gone!

Not only is this one of the cutest things that comes out of my lil' boys mouth these days but it's true of our last week. We've been going like crazy. It's been fun. Real fun. Exhausting fun though. You know how it is when you're on the road with a's double, maybe triple the work. I'm so glad to be back home. To our normal. Before I continue to tell you about our recent trips to Colorado and Missouri (all in a weeks time), let me explain the title of this post. One of Kaden's favorite books is Freight Train by Donald Crews. The last three words in the book are...wait, you guessed it - going, going...gone. In his cute lil' southern Texas accent, he finishes the book every time with, "gone". I love it! Since I am working on this post soon after putting him to bed, it's fresh on my mind and totally appropriate of our adventures lately.

Colorado. I already miss so much about you and it's only been a week. I miss watching Kaden interact with the friends he knows so little about - only because we live so far away - but that hold a huge place in his mama's heart. One in particular. Brady. I was there the day this little guy - well, he's not so little anymore - was born so he will forever be special to me. If there's one thing you should know about Brady, it's that he loves to play his guitar. It's so much a part of his life that it's practically an additional member of the Vogt family. He loves to rock out to Today is the Day. So so so cute. Since leaving Colorado, the song goes through my head a least once a day. For that I am thankful.

He also loves to make believe. Nothing wrong with that. One afternoon, I watched him pretend to carry on a conversation with the person on the other end of this phone.

Oh and one last thing about Brady. He likes doing all of this - playing his guitar and make believing - in front of the mirror. I find it pretty cute that he likes watching himself in action.

And then there's sweet little Addison (Brady's little sister). She gave me baby fever BUT - and that's a huge BUT - she also helped me get my fix...for now. I thoroughly enjoyed having her nap on me. Loved watching her coo and smile at her daddy. And just be perfectly content in her swing. Ahhh...those were the days.

We all enjoyed a sunny Sunday afternoon at the park. The boys were past ready to get out of the house. Which meant, the mamas were too. They had so much fun running wild and free. Boys. Why do they always have so much energy?

Valentine's Day was extra special since we just so happened to be in Colorado. Kaden and Brady got to help Amy make cupcakes which we all enjoyed later. Yummy! Meanwhile, I cuddled with Addison. Such a delight! Never would I have thought to let the boys help out in the kitchen but they really enjoyed it. I don't think I have the patience. Kaden only tried to stick his foot in the, twice and then tried to get a scoop with his hand.

Kass and I enjoyed an adult only evening out with the Vogt's on Tuesday. After the crazy Valentine's Day crowds. Perfect idea. It was so relaxing to hang out - without the kiddos - as we once did. We have so many memories from those days. It was fun to go back in time. Even if it was only for an evening.

So yes, we miss Colorado. All of us. What's not to miss about waking up to the beautiful mountains. Enjoying a cup of morning coffee with a much missed girl friend. And watching the kiddos play.

Wow...that took longer than I expected. So, I'll save our Missouri trip for another day.

Goodbyes are never easy.

Especially when it's to your little one's friend who he's spent the better part of the last year growing up with. No, Kaden doesn't understand goodbyes yet. But I do. I am going to miss our play dates with Andrew. I'm really going to miss his mama. There are days that she has saved me from going crazy insane. It's so nice to have someone to call spur of the moment and say, want to come over and play or let's meet at the park or Chick-Fila sound good for lunch. The list goes on and on. They are moving to Tyler and though we are sad they are leaving us, we know it's a good move for their little family.

I tried to get a quick picture after we had breakfast and play at our house one last time this morning. And as you can see, it's not an easy task with three boys... Andrew is the cute little guy in the blue shirt. Maybe Kaden does understand goodbyes. From the looks of the picture, it appears he's holding Andrew hostage.

(Nate, Kaden and Andrew) aka. Stonebridge Ranch Posse

We're going to miss you Davis family but we wish you well in your new adventure!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

missing all things Colorado

The snow we got on Friday made me really miss everything Colorado. Lucky for me, we are headed there this week to spend some time with friends that we miss so very much. Here are a few pics that I captured of the beautiful white snow in Texas.

We ventured out to run a few errands and stumbled upon a couple of things we thought were interesting. Like the guy skiing through our neighborhood park.

And a whole slew of people sledding down this hill at the Adriatica. We stopped to grab a coffee at Starbucks, which much resembled a ski lodge. People in their snow gear. Grabbing a drink. Thawing out. Taking a break from the hill.

And yes, Kaden got to play in the snow for the first time.

I'll let you decide whether or not he enjoyed it. These are the tears he shed when we told him it was time to head home...

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The last few days of crazy freezing weather have had us cooped up inside. The roads here in north Texas are thick sheets of ice. And I refused to drive on them until this morning - we had to get out of here. I am ready for sunshine and warmer temps. And I know my little guy is too. Every time I open the door for the dogs to go out, he tries to sneak out with them. Being inside for practically 3 straight days, makes me bored. Really bored. So - yesterday I decided to start cleaning. Not like cleaning the floors and bathrooms. I never feel like doing that type of cleaning these days. But like cleaning out junk drawers, cabinets, the pantry, the linen closet. That type of cleaning, I find very refreshing. In doing that, I came across lots of old pictures. Two of which I must share.

The first is my very favorite picture - EVER - of my husband when he was 18 months. I carried this one around in my car for the longest time -- that's how much it's my favorite.

The second, and I'm sure my aunt and uncle will appreciate this one, is of me. Not really sure how old I was but I wonder if Kaden's fake smile will look like mine in the picture. And yes, for those of you who didn't know me in high school, he gets his curls from me.