Tuesday, June 21, 2011

so much to be thankful for

When surrounded by a couple of great men and a sweet little boy who wants nothing more than to follow in their footsteps, my heart smiles and is complete. And for that, I'm thankful. Thankful for my dad. His patience. His love. His kind heart. His easy going spirit. Thankful for my husband. His protective spirit. His love for God. His integrity. His honesty. His courage. But most of all, his love for our son. My heart is so happy when I watch them interact. I can see it in Kaden's eyes, how much he wants to be like his daddy.

My parents and sister were in town last weekend. And we had so much fun. We started off the day on a silly note with the guys wearing these crazy glasses, per Kaden's request.

After a fulfilling breakfast, we headed to the beach. Yes. A beach in north Texas. Our homeowner's association has a beach club and lagoon. This was our first visit but definitely not the last. There was sand. Water. You know, everything a little boy needs to have fun.

I guess everything any age boy needs to have fun...

And a splash park, which he thoroughly enjoyed!

It's always so nice to have the grandparents along. They kind of take over parenting, while Kass and I take a minute to relax. While Nana and Papa chased our little guy all over the splash park and beach club, we got a chance to catch some rays. I think my sister said it best with this, "not sure who's going to need a nap more. Them or Kaden." So very true 'cause I'm pretty sure he wore them out! Though, I doubt they would have it any other way.

Friday, June 17, 2011

mix a lil' water and lil' sand...

...and you've got the perfect play date. For boys, of course. Kaden is always talking about Owen and how we need to "get him". Owen is the neighbor friend who lives across the street. He has two sisters that Kaden adores as well, but he's always asking for Owen. So yesterday, Owen, his mom and little sis, joined us for play in the backyard. Fun, lots of fun was had by these two boys! Let's just say that sand was everywhere possible. And a good hosing down was required at the end.

The remnants of an afternoon made for boys. Or by boys. However you look at it, it's pretty yuck!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

the boy hearts water

This child loves water. Loves filling his bucket up with water. Loves dipping his toys in the bucket, filling them up and drinking it. Loves splashing it all over himself and saying "wet, mama". He thinks he owns the water hose. If I even try to water my plants, you can bet he's right there with his hand on the hose. I'm sure the water hose could occupy an afternoon of his time if I'd be ok with the water running that long.

He's happy it's summer time...so am I :)

He has also grown to love his "san........box". He only has one rule if you want to play in it. "Shoes off, feet in". I love that he is talking more and more. Makes a mama proud!

And apparently, he loves driving his dump trucks around the edge of it.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

it got the best of him

A crappy little virus took the life out of my little guy this past week. Fevers. Ulcers and sores in the mouth and back of the throat. Painful for him. Painful for me. 'Cause there was nothing I could do to make the pain go away. Besides try to get him to take motrin and a "miracle" mouth wash, which he refused 'cause it was too painful to swallow. So for 4 days, we stayed inside. Cuddled. Rocked. Napped. Got caught up on our DVR'd shows. I am happy to report that I believe he is on the mend. Yesterday, he asked to sit in his chair and eat. Mac-n-cheese and yogurt it was. The first meal he's had in days. Praise God for healing and giving me back my fun spirited little guy. Now I just pray we don't come in contact with that nasty virus again!