Monday, December 31, 2012

A Merry Little December

The holiday season is always a busy time of year for our family.  Because not only do we celebrate Jesus' birthday, we also celebrate Kass and myself turning a year older (now we are both officially "in our 30s").  To be honest, it doesn't feel any different than being "in my 20s".  Aside from birthdays, Christmas shopping and your "normal" Christmas festivities, we tried to make this year extra special for Kaden.  You see, this was his LAST Christmas as an ONLY child.  Lil' sister will (fingers crossed) decide to make her debut sometime in mid to late January (the sooner the better for this mama).  And I'm pretty certain Kass is praying she comes early, because let me just be honest, I'm not that pleasant to be around these days.  Even I'm aware of this!  Being pregnant this go 'round is completely different!

Here's a little recap of our December...

Actually before the month even rolled around, the boys decorated the outside of our house with lights.  I must say, it turned out beautifully.  And with lots of help from my mom, the inside was beautifully decorated as well (I just don't have a picture to prove it)!    

We spent one Friday evening, early in the month, driving through Santa's Ranch just outside of San Marcos.  Kaden thoroughly enjoyed all the lights and the stories Daddy narrated to go along with the different scenes.  But most of all, he probably enjoyed the fact that Daddy let him do the driving!  A fun time for all of us, but I will say, Santa's Ranch doesn't hold a candle to the Santa's Wonderland I grew up driving through in College Station. 

The very next weekend, we visiteSanta's Railroad Wonderland at the Texas Transportation Museum, just a few minutes down the street from us.  It was there that Kaden met with Santa to let him know he wished for a train table and a wallet for Christmas (to which Santa filled each request).  Talk about trains, trains and more trains!  From tons of model trains to a night time ride on a real live train, Kaden was in heaven!  

We built and decorated "our" first Gingerbread house this year!  A certain little person gobbled up lots of the candy before we could even get it on the house.  But that's what it's all about, having fun and getting wired in the process!

Santa, being the good guy he is, sent us our very own Elf this year to help keep lil' man on the nice list.  Some days it worked, some days...not. so. much.  Nevertheless, it was quite magical watching Kaden wake up each morning and begin his search for the Elf.  Some mornings, he was quite easy to the morning he decided to get into the M&Ms!  Silly Elf.

Meet Hiccup.

Somewhere amongst the chaotic month, Kass and I found the time to make our annual goodies for coworkers, family and friends.  Take our little guy to his first movie ~ Monsters, Inc. 3D ~ which he thought was extra cool...the movie theater popcorn, the gigantic screen and the funky glasses.  Catch an exciting, unexpected visit from our old neighborhood friends.  Spend a few days out in the country at Nana and Papa's with B and Cody and watch Kaden bottle feed a baby calf (something I did many, many times growing up).   

Most importantly, we spent the Christmas season celebrating Jesus' birthday with our loved ones.  We had lots of fun and made many memories!  Here's to hoping you had a Merry Little Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year filled with lots of love, happiness and good health!  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

tap tap tap

I had a good friend tell me about a fun photo and video app called tap tap tap.  Instead of lugging the big 'ole camera around, I've been using my phone more these last few days.  Something different and fun for now!

Here's a recap of our week so far.  On Sunday, we got to cheer Daddy on as he rocked his 2nd half marathon.  Talk about one proud lil' boy! He was so excited to see his Daddy running the race after all that training.

We went to the park Monday afternoon to feed the ducks.  But you can't leave the park without actually doing a little running around and kicking up some dust.  And don't forget the swings.  We love swinging!

Kaden had his first dentist appointment on Wednesday.  I wasn't exactly sure how this was going to go but I was pleasantly surprised, once again, by this little champ.  He actually allowed the dentist to lay him back in the chair and look at his teeth, for longer than a second.  Clean bill of health, no cavities!

We finally picked up some training wheels for this hand-me-down bike.  Well actually, it's a bike that one of our old neighbors in McKinney set out for the man's trash is another man's treasure, right?!?!  It was in perfect condition so I snatched that right up about a year ago.  And yes, he's allowed to ride it in the house...for now.  That won't last much longer though.  He's getting too good!  Too fast!  Too brave!

And since the time change and the much earlier sunsets, we've been spending a lot more time indoors in the evenings!  Happy to report, we are all still alive!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012



I cannot believe that you are already three.  The years have just flown by.  It feels like just yesterday that your Daddy and I drove home oh so carefully from the hospital.  I remember the first night at home with you.  We didn’t know where to put you once it was bedtime.  Everything seemed to swallow you because you were so tiny.  So we let you sleep between us that night.  But you were the only one who slept a wink.  Your Daddy and I just laid there memorized by you…our little boy, our precious little prince.  Still to this day, three years down the road, we lay in bed at night watching you sleep on the monitor.   

With each day, you make me so very proud to be your mama.  Yes, we encounter tough days but for the most part, you make it so easy on me.  You are a very quick learner and adapt so easily to change.  I always get nervous when it’s time to make a transition in your life, and in mine too because they are very much directly related.  Especially in these last 3 months…moving to a new city, potty training, transitioning from your crib to a queen size bed and starting a new school.  You have handled all of this change like a champ and so much better than your mama.  This is much of the reason you make me want to be a better person every day, because I see it in you.  

Anyone that knows you would say you are all boy.  And I would agree, you are rough and tough, tough as nails.  You like collecting sticks from the park and I often find acorns stashed away in your pockets.  You want to be just like your Daddy.  You love playing baseball, riding your bike and wrestling with him.  One of your favorite ways to get dirty is to pretend you are sliding, like in a baseball game.  

Sure you are all boy but you also have a soft, gentle side.  In my eyes, the perfect combination.  I love your hugs and kisses.  And your sweet, innocent voice saying "mom, you look pretty" or simply saying  "mom, I love you" out of the blue.  I appreciate that you are learning to be a gentleman from your Daddy.  

I love you so much and even though you are growing to be such a handsome big boy, you’ll always be my baby.

Happy Birthday to my Superman!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This year he picked his own costume.  Meet Super WHY!   

If you have kids (and let them watch PBS), you probably know who this is.  He enjoys watching Super WHY and the other super readers solve problems using storybooks!  And so do I, especially if I need just a few more minutes to finish something around the house. 

He loved trick or treating!  At the beginning of the night, he asked Daddy to go up to the doors and knock with him.  But by the end, he wanted to do this ALL BY HIMSELF.  

Two of my favorite memories from the night: (1) After getting candy at one house and saying "thank you", he'd take off happily and say, "now let's go find some more neighbors to trick or treat".  (2) AND the cutest was walking up to a house with a 3 year old handing out candy saying "look mommy, he's Super WHY!"  Not many got who he was dressed as, so to a mom, that was SUPER cute!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Kansas City

It's my sister's new home away from home.  We visited a couple of weekends ago and I'm so glad we waited till fall.  Such beautiful colors that we don't get to see here in Texas.  

It was a tad bit chilly out when we arrived ~ especially when you add wind to the cooler temps ~ so we spent much of Saturday hanging out at B and Cody's new casa.    

Sunday was spent celebrating Nana's birthday.  I won't say how old she is ~ I'll let the picture do the tellin'!  We made a trip out to Liberty to visit Carolyn's Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch (love the name of this place).  As Kaden would say, Nana had her birthday party at the pumpkin patch.  And now he asks me if that's where I want to have mine.  Love that boy and his sweet innocence!    

This little dude had a BLAST playing on the farmer's playground...

...riding the antique pedal tractor carousel

...kicking up dust in the pumpkin patch search of the perfect pumpkin.  To this day, he reminds me that we need to go back to B's house to get our pumpkin so we can put it on our front porch.  No, I did not pack that thing back to Texas with us on the plane!  

He even got to pretend he was a cowboy.

And probably his favorite, riding the train.  ALL ABOARD!  

Thanks sister and Cody for being such wonderful hosts and keeping us entertained in your new city!