Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This year he picked his own costume.  Meet Super WHY!   

If you have kids (and let them watch PBS), you probably know who this is.  He enjoys watching Super WHY and the other super readers solve problems using storybooks!  And so do I, especially if I need just a few more minutes to finish something around the house. 

He loved trick or treating!  At the beginning of the night, he asked Daddy to go up to the doors and knock with him.  But by the end, he wanted to do this ALL BY HIMSELF.  

Two of my favorite memories from the night: (1) After getting candy at one house and saying "thank you", he'd take off happily and say, "now let's go find some more neighbors to trick or treat".  (2) AND the cutest was walking up to a house with a 3 year old handing out candy saying "look mommy, he's Super WHY!"  Not many got who he was dressed as, so to a mom, that was SUPER cute!

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