Tuesday, February 25, 2014

hello again.

It's been 4 months since I blogged.  A quarter of a year.  When I read back over that, it seems like a long time.  Almost like forever ago.  But the last 4 months - for me, for our family - has been a whirlwind.  A whirlwind of change.  A whirlwind of celebration.  It's just flown by.  Plain and simple.

We moved.  AGAIN.  Many would call us crazy.  Many have, I'm sure.  Heck - I even called us CRAZY.  But after many, many months, God answered a prayer for us.  A big prayer.  HE brought us back to The Woodlands, after 8 years of being away.  This place feels like home.  And that's an answered prayer in itself.  A big blessing.  It's been good for me.  And so, so good for our family.

We celebrated birthdays.  Important ones.  Kaden turned FOUR.  Bailey is now ONE.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital.  I feel like time has gone by twice as fast with her, versus her big brother.  It's true what they say...they grow up so fast.  (I'll have more on the celebrations in individual posts.  That way I can feel like it's somewhat organized.  Yes, even my blog has to be organized.  It's easier that way.  Keep it uniform.)

And because I just can't end a post without pictures, I'll leave you with these of my three loves, by the talented Kathlyn Dragna.  

Just a day in the life of a little girl with a big brother...

She's tough.  She has no choice.