Monday, March 3, 2014



Gosh buddy, I can't believe it.  My handsome little man, you are 4.  You have changed so much in the last year.  It's like you grew up right before my eyes.  Almost overnight.

You became a BIG brother this year.  Seeing you with little sister makes everything right in my world.  You are a wonderful lil' helper.  Although I try not to put so much on you when it comes to helping with little sister, I'm still not the best at it.  Thank you for being so eager to help! I love the way you make her giggle.  The way you help her get a toy out that's stuck in the toy box.  The way you let her play with your cars and trucks.  The way you share your snacks with her.  But the highlight has to be hearing you refer to her as "sweet girl" and "lil' Boopers".  In the beginning, I remember you walking up to her, giving her a little kiss and telling her that she was beautiful.  This makes my heart skip a few beats.  I just adore that you learned this from your Daddy.

You love to be active and on the move.  Daddy and I do love this about you - but let's just be honest, trying to keep up with your endless energy is sometimes tiring.  A few of your favorite things are playing baseball, riding your bike (already with no training wheels - this makes your Daddy so proud), playing at the park with friends, helping Daddy with any and everything and feeding cows with your Papa.  Oh and right now, you also LOVE school.  You wake up asking if it's a school day.  I'm hoping this doesn't change.  You love pretend play.  Watching you use your imagination has been so fun this last year!

You have such a big heart.  It shines through in your love and concern for others.  I pray this continues to grow as you get older.  You are so easy to forgive others.  Just the other day, I was clipping your nails and clipped one a little too short.  You flinched.  And I grabbed your hand, gave it a kiss and said I was so sorry.  Instantly you said, "it's ok mommy, accidents happen.  I forgive you."  If only we could all see the world through your little eyes.  I think it would be a much better place.

You make me so proud to be your Mama.  Part of me wishes you could stay little for longer but the other part is so excited to watch you grow and continue becoming your own little being!

I love you, Kaden Austin.  So so much.