Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday morning coffee...

...with my hubby. So glad it's back! It's one of the few times we get to have adult conversation in our household. Without a certain little toddler wanting us to read a book or play ball. It does require that I get out of bed much earlier than normal but it's totally worth it. And...some Fridays (well, maybe most), I even crawl back in bed until that certain little toddler wakes me up for the day. Not sure when or how I became this person who sleeps in but I'll go with it for now.

As much as I love the holidays and spending time with family, I am so thankful to be back into a routine. One that includes playdates with friends, lunches with Kass and days where we don't get out of our pj's. As my friend Emily put it, "normal is so good".

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adios 2010

On Friday, Kass and I packed our bags and headed to Fort Worth to meet friends and bring in the new year. We checked in to the Sheraton that afternoon and then made our way down to the Stock Yards for drinks, a lil' shopping...

...and lots of fun. We tried on princess hats,

...and pretended to be cowgirls and 'boys.

With our names on the back of our belts. Well, just one of us. Only my dear friend Hayley can pull this off and still look smokin' hot.

After the Stock Yards, we had our driver take us back to the hotel so we could get all sparkly for dinner at Ferre'...

...and Eli Young at Billy Bob's. Not that we got to see or hear much of Eli Young. It was way crowded and smokey. But that was quite all right. We people watched for a good part of the night. Very interesting to say the least. And then brought in the new year with our elegant 2011 paraphernalia.

Meanwhile, Kaden was at home with Nana and Papa. He enjoyed an evening at the mall, pulling clothes off hangers while they shopped. And dinner at On The Border, making a complete mess of his food and flirting with the waitresses. All in all a wonderful start to a new year!

Happy 2011 to our followers!