Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a wish...

Near the end of summer, Kaden and I had a conversation that went a little like this on the way home from school...

Kaden:  "Mom, you and Dad never took me to the beach."   
Me:  "Buddy, what made you think of the beach."
Kaden:  "We read a book at school today about the beach.  And my teacher said you can build sand castles and splash in the big, big, big, big, huge ocean.  And I want to go to the beach.  So can we go tomorrow?"
Me:  "Well, we can't go tomorrow, but I'll talk to Dad and see if we can take a trip to the beach soon."
Kaden:  "Ok, Mom."

And then, nearly everyday after that conversation, he would ask, "when are we going to the beach?"  To which I would respond "soon, buddy, really soon."  You see, the initial conversation and the constant reminders really started to resonate in me, so Daddy and I made plans to take this boy to the beach.  

A few weeks later, he brought home an "All About Me" poster for us to work on together.  My favorite color, my favorite food, my favorite animal, my favorite thing to do, my favorite place...you get the picture.  

And then there was this:  If I had One Wish 

To which he replied, "I would wish for a trip to the beach." (with a huge smile on his face)    

Several weeks later, his wish came true.

P.S.  Silly boy has been to the beach before.  He was 2.  It was West Palm Beach.  He doesn't remember.  But Daddy and I do.  

Monday, October 28, 2013

We {heart} Fall

With fall, comes a little break in the oh so hot temps of Texas.  Which means one thing for us...spending more time outdoors.  And that makes us all happy!  Fall means a little change in the color of vegetation surrounding us.  Not a whole lot, just a little here in Texas.  Fall means pumpkin patches.  Pumpkin bread.  Halloween costumes.  Trick or treating.  Smores.  Cider.  All reasons I {heart} this time of year.

We've been a little busy lately enjoying everything about the season so I haven't taken the time to do any updating of the ole' blog.  And because this little one keeps me on my toes at all times, she leaves me little time to do much sitting and writing and updating.  We thought big brother was going to be our wild child.  She's definitely giving him a run for his money.  Or should I say she's giving mommy and daddy a run for their money.  BUT she's so much fun.  She makes me smile on days when I don't think I have anything left in me.  And she still adores big brother.  She's a sweetheart.  She's my lil' Boop.       

Pumpkin patches are always so much fun.  The hay rides.  The petting zoo.  The pony rides.  The corn maze.  Picking out your favorite pumpkin.  This year, I decided to keep it simple.  We visited a pumpkin patch at a church just down the road from us.  Convenience and simplicity won me over.  No hay ride.  No petting zoo.  No pony ride.  No corn maze.  Simply pick out your pumpkin.  Take a few pictures.  And then check it off the fall to-do list.  Sounds terrible but I find that sometimes in the midst of such crazy schedules, my kids need simple and easy.  So do I.  And I find that we enjoy the outing just the same.  So here's our pumpkin patch outing for 2013.  Best part was that B was in town, so she got to join us.  Sure made it easier on me :).  Happy Fall Y'all!      

Thursday, September 12, 2013

7 months

Little Miss is already 7 months old.  She has two teeth and I'm positive she's getting the next two, quite possibly four, in at the top very soon.  She's crawling all over the place.  Mostly chasing after her big brother, his toys or shoes she can spot from a mile away.  She's already into shoes.  Oh dear!  And she just adores her big brother.  Certain she thinks he hung the moon.  I know it won't be like this for long so I'm just soaking it in and enjoying it while it lasts.    

She is such a happy baby and such a joy to our little family.  More often than not, she has a smile the size of Texas on her pretty little face.  She's a little flirt too.  Especially with Daddy and the checkers at HEB.  I can't count on my fingers and toes the amount of times I've been stopped and told "she's such a happy baby".  Yep, she's pretty awesome.  Happy to call her mine!

With the help of our "B", we had a fun little photo shoot.  Love, love, love how these turned out.  Amazing how much easier it is to capture these moments with the help of a sweet aunt. And yes, she still has the rolls.  Love 'em!