Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a wish...

Near the end of summer, Kaden and I had a conversation that went a little like this on the way home from school...

Kaden:  "Mom, you and Dad never took me to the beach."   
Me:  "Buddy, what made you think of the beach."
Kaden:  "We read a book at school today about the beach.  And my teacher said you can build sand castles and splash in the big, big, big, big, huge ocean.  And I want to go to the beach.  So can we go tomorrow?"
Me:  "Well, we can't go tomorrow, but I'll talk to Dad and see if we can take a trip to the beach soon."
Kaden:  "Ok, Mom."

And then, nearly everyday after that conversation, he would ask, "when are we going to the beach?"  To which I would respond "soon, buddy, really soon."  You see, the initial conversation and the constant reminders really started to resonate in me, so Daddy and I made plans to take this boy to the beach.  

A few weeks later, he brought home an "All About Me" poster for us to work on together.  My favorite color, my favorite food, my favorite animal, my favorite thing to do, my favorite place...you get the picture.  

And then there was this:  If I had One Wish 

To which he replied, "I would wish for a trip to the beach." (with a huge smile on his face)    

Several weeks later, his wish came true.

P.S.  Silly boy has been to the beach before.  He was 2.  It was West Palm Beach.  He doesn't remember.  But Daddy and I do.  

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