Wednesday, November 7, 2012



I cannot believe that you are already three.  The years have just flown by.  It feels like just yesterday that your Daddy and I drove home oh so carefully from the hospital.  I remember the first night at home with you.  We didn’t know where to put you once it was bedtime.  Everything seemed to swallow you because you were so tiny.  So we let you sleep between us that night.  But you were the only one who slept a wink.  Your Daddy and I just laid there memorized by you…our little boy, our precious little prince.  Still to this day, three years down the road, we lay in bed at night watching you sleep on the monitor.   

With each day, you make me so very proud to be your mama.  Yes, we encounter tough days but for the most part, you make it so easy on me.  You are a very quick learner and adapt so easily to change.  I always get nervous when it’s time to make a transition in your life, and in mine too because they are very much directly related.  Especially in these last 3 months…moving to a new city, potty training, transitioning from your crib to a queen size bed and starting a new school.  You have handled all of this change like a champ and so much better than your mama.  This is much of the reason you make me want to be a better person every day, because I see it in you.  

Anyone that knows you would say you are all boy.  And I would agree, you are rough and tough, tough as nails.  You like collecting sticks from the park and I often find acorns stashed away in your pockets.  You want to be just like your Daddy.  You love playing baseball, riding your bike and wrestling with him.  One of your favorite ways to get dirty is to pretend you are sliding, like in a baseball game.  

Sure you are all boy but you also have a soft, gentle side.  In my eyes, the perfect combination.  I love your hugs and kisses.  And your sweet, innocent voice saying "mom, you look pretty" or simply saying  "mom, I love you" out of the blue.  I appreciate that you are learning to be a gentleman from your Daddy.  

I love you so much and even though you are growing to be such a handsome big boy, you’ll always be my baby.

Happy Birthday to my Superman!


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