Monday, October 15, 2012

Kansas City

It's my sister's new home away from home.  We visited a couple of weekends ago and I'm so glad we waited till fall.  Such beautiful colors that we don't get to see here in Texas.  

It was a tad bit chilly out when we arrived ~ especially when you add wind to the cooler temps ~ so we spent much of Saturday hanging out at B and Cody's new casa.    

Sunday was spent celebrating Nana's birthday.  I won't say how old she is ~ I'll let the picture do the tellin'!  We made a trip out to Liberty to visit Carolyn's Country Cousins Pumpkin Patch (love the name of this place).  As Kaden would say, Nana had her birthday party at the pumpkin patch.  And now he asks me if that's where I want to have mine.  Love that boy and his sweet innocence!    

This little dude had a BLAST playing on the farmer's playground...

...riding the antique pedal tractor carousel

...kicking up dust in the pumpkin patch search of the perfect pumpkin.  To this day, he reminds me that we need to go back to B's house to get our pumpkin so we can put it on our front porch.  No, I did not pack that thing back to Texas with us on the plane!  

He even got to pretend he was a cowboy.

And probably his favorite, riding the train.  ALL ABOARD!  

Thanks sister and Cody for being such wonderful hosts and keeping us entertained in your new city!

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  1. Your little boy has the same curly hair as my son! He's adorable and you take beautiful photographs!