Wednesday, August 22, 2012

yes, it's been a while...

How can it be that the last time I updated this blog was in April?  I feel like we've been ripping and running since then but we've also had some pretty relaxing moments as well.  I'll try to get you caught up and then let you in on the BIG change(s) that are about to take place in our lives.

Kass and I took a much needed vacation to Roatan, Honduras in early May while Kaden had his little get-a-way at Nana and Papa's.  I'm certain all three of us had equally as much fun!  Kass is now a certified scuba diver.  I am not.  And I'm ok with that.  He got certified while we were in Roatan and got to go on some amazing dives.  I, on the other hand, lounged out by the pool, the beach, the palapa and read books to my hearts content.  Very much needed for us both but we sure did miss our little man the 7 days we were gone!  

I'm not a fan of this picture because of the big hair (dang humidity) but I did have to include one of us from our new favorite vacation destination....Barefoot Cay Resort, Roatan Island, Honduras.

Our next trip consisted of a visit to Aggieland for Cody's graduation... 

...and then we had several visitors, which we absolutely love and look forward to.  Aunt B stayed with us for about a week before her big move to Missouri.  I'm happy about her new adventure but I miss my sister like crazy (insert tear).    

Grandma came shortly after and shame on me for not having a single picture from that visit!  Normally when Grandma comes to visit, we have plans, BIG plans.  Not this time.  We relaxed A LOT!  One, because she had just experienced the death of a very close friend and two, we were all ok with doing nothing. It was kinda nice for a change.  

In June, we got to meet sweet little Graham Tappan once he made his debut.  He's a cutie and already 2 months old now!  It's so exciting to watch your friends become parents and fall in love with their baby!

And in July, we got to welcome Wynn Beatty (not that you can really see Wynn in this picture but can you tell how absolutely tickled a certain someone was about holding a baby).  Precious!

Somewhere amongst all of that excitement (toward the end of summer), we were supposed to make a week long trip to Missouri to spend some time with Catrina, Aaron and Kamden and then on to check out B and Cody's new place.  But God had other plans.  

You see, around the beginning of June, Kass was offered a job at a small private oil and gas company in San Antonio.  Not something he was looking for but an opportunity that he (and we as a family) could not pass  up.  Trust me....we prayed and prayed and prayed because we are VERY happy here in McKinney.  However, God made it clear to us in more ways than one that we made the right decision for our family.  We sold our house within 2 days of putting it on the market (a record for us).  Not that we have ever had trouble selling any of the (4) homes we have bought, but 2 days is pretty heavenly!  

We love change.  We embrace it.  We look forward to all of the challenges that come with it.  Kass might say otherwise about me, but over time, I have grown to love the adventures that come with moving and all things new.  New town.  New house.  New job.  New school (for Kaden).  New friends.  New baby.   

Yes, you read that last part correctly.  The day after he accepted the job, we found out that I'd soon be growing a belly.  We are expecting baby #2 in late January and could not be more excited about growing our family!  Kaden seems to be excited too.  Not sure he fully understands what all a new baby involves, but what 2 1/2 year old does?!?!  I have to tell this sweet little story because when my mom told me, my eyes filled with tears of joy!  She and Kaden were walking to her garden and Kaden asked, "Nana, do you know my little sister? (no, we don't know that sex of the baby.  One day he's having a baby sister, the next a baby brother).  My mom said, "Yes but we won't get to see her for a little while longer.  She's still growing in mommy's belly."  Kaden's reply, "Oh, well when she pops out, I am going to help mommy put lotion on her and give her a bath and rock her night night."  I'm thinking he's going to make a great big brother.

So, that pretty much brings you up to date on us.  I'm typing all of this as the movers are here packing.  And let me just say, they are fabulous and worth every penny.  Kaden is at my parents and Kass is in San Antonio.  I miss my boys but I know we'll be together in our new home very soon.

That's all for now.  Happy Wednesday!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such exciting news on all fronts!

  2. CONGRATS TO YOU GUYS!! On the baby and the move! Jason and I absolutely LOVE San Antonio. It's one of our favorite places to visit! Best of luck on everything and hopefully someday we will get to see yall again!!

  3. SO happy for you guys and ALL the changes ahead!!! Can't wait to get down there to see the new home and all of you!

    Love you sister :)

  4. Aw, congrats on your upcoming new addition! Good luck on the move too!