Wednesday, September 1, 2010

mmm. mmm. good.

So I know this blog is really supposed to be about Kaden. But I must brag about myself for a moment. Last weekend, I made my first apple pie. It was yum-i-licious!

No. I didn't just bake this for Kass and me. I can't. We would sit around and eat the entire thing ourselves in one day. We are bad when it comes to sweets. Can't have them in the house. We went over to have dinner with the soon-to-be Tappan's Saturday evening.

Here's the part where I brag about Kaden. We put him to bed while we had dinner and dessert and lots of great wine. Then, when we were ready to head home, we woke him up. Drove home with him wide awake. That made us nervous. Got home. Put him in his bed. He went right back to sleep without a peep. So happy we are blessed with such a good sleeper!


  1. Brooke, that looks delicious! I wish I still lived close enough to sneak a bite!

  2. I wish you still lived here too! Hope things are going well in OK.

  3. Where was the pie??????? Oh, I was there on the fifth...... Pie, gone!!!!! Looks great, when is the next one coming out of the oven????