Sunday, October 31, 2010

a year ago today...

The madness began. We became Texas residents...again!

I was only allowed to put away small, light weight items. Orders from my mom. Guess she didn't want me to go in to labor any sooner than I did. I only had 9 days till my due date in this picture. Looking back at this picture does not make me miss being pregnant. I had a great, easy pregnancy. No complaints. Just don't miss feeling fat!

This move was by far the easiest move of the 3 that Kass and I have experienced. The movers packed, moved and practically unpacked every box for us. Of course, we still had to put it away, but at least all the boxes were taken away on move day. Many, many thanks to my parents, sister and wonderful husband for all of the work they did to make sure everything was how I, the pregnant woman, wanted it that day!

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