Friday, October 1, 2010

spending some time...

Back in August, we had visitors from Missouri. Aunt Catrina, Uncle Aaron and Cousin Kamden! It's always fun to have family visit but even more fun when that includes a playmate for Kaden. Ok. I know. So what. They are 3 years apart. Kaden loves his cousin! He likes his toys too. And Kamden took more of an interest in Kaden this visit. His is no longer Baby Kaden. But "my cousin". So cute!

While they were here, I learned all the names of Kamden's toys. That of which I will not remember next time. I quickly realized that I have so many things to learn about little boys! With 2 little boys in the house who were constantly on the go, it's seemed easier and more fun to actually get out of the house. So we went to the park. Went to have lunch with Kass. Went to the splash park. The boys loved that. The adults did too. 'Cause that meant nap time was next!

We even went to mall. Walked around. Shopped a little. Ate lunch. Rode the carousel. Kaden loved that! So much that he pitched a little fit when it was time to get off :)

Here's to looking forward to many more visits and watching the boys grow up together!

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