Monday, October 18, 2010

back at it

Baseball. Kass started playing again. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my husband play a sport that he loves and is so passionate about. It also makes me kind of sad. Kass played for 3 years with a team in Denver. They were good! Won the league 3 or 4 years in a row. I'm sad because I miss sitting with Amy and Kara at the games. Cheering our husbands on. Grabbing pizza or Red Robin fries after the games. Bringing candy to share with the girls. They knew they could count on me for candy or sunflower seeds.

This new team is good too! They finished in first place for the fall season. Now they have off until the spring. I am sure I will make new friends with this new team but they will never replace my Amy and Kara or Kass' Danny and Scott. For now, Kaden and I will watch our "hero" play. Just the 2 of us.

I love watchin' him catch. For 2 reasons. You probably guessed the first one (looks pretty darn good behind the plate) and the second, in my opinion, he's freakin' good!

I have nothing to say about this picture. All I have is smiles. He brings so much sunshine into our lives. me. Is my daddy in there?

Yep...yep, I see him!

And the 2 loves of my life!

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  1. Yes! I could always count on you for good snacks! You have a secret sweet tooth. Sure do miss those days. We had some good times "watching" our husbands play baseball. It was the start of a great friendship!