Tuesday, April 23, 2013

weekends in spring

Everyone in our house always gets excited for spring.  It means BASEBALL.  And this year TBALL.  We cheer for big brother on Saturday and for Daddy on Sunday.

Kass coaches Kaden's tball team.  That has been quite the {learning} experience...FOR ALL OF US.  It's hard for a 3 year old to understand why he cannot get the ball EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  It's hard learning how to play on this thing called a "team".  Especially when that certain 3 year old can go out in the back yard and play one on one with {COACH} Daddy every day and get the ball every single time.  That being said, it is getting better.  There are fewer and fewer meltdowns as the season progresses.  I'm just glad he's not the only one...  The team name is Lil' Rascals.  Very fitting!  I'm sure if you asked Kass and his assistant coach, they'd say "it's like trying to herd a bunch of cats" ~ really cute cats though.  All  in all, what really matters is that the Lil' Rascals are having fun and are learning a lil' bit about baseball while being 'herded".

Everyone wins on Saturday.  There are no losers.  Score is not kept.  Sunday is different.  There are winners.  There are losers.  And keeping score is a MUST.  It's "for real" baseball.  We enjoy watching Daddy in his zone.  It helps that he's on a good team too {again}.  I believe they are 6-0.  Go Sliders!  

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