Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just another day at the office

Kaden and I drove down to EnCana's office today to meet all the people Kass works with. It was nice to finally put faces with the names of people he talks about so often. After meeting everyone, we went downstairs to grab lunch from the Gold Coast Cafe and brought it back to Kass' office to eat. It was just like old times...having lunch in his office. We used to do that often when we both worked at Anadarko. This time we had a new addition...our sweet little prince. Kaden enjoyed testing out all of the new corporate furniture in Daddy's new office.
Trying out Daddy's office chair

The desk seemed to be a little more fun though!

Once we were done with lunch, Kaden and I made our way to the mall. I needed to buy a gift for a bachelorette party that I am going to this weekend. He feel asleep in the car and I thought he would stay alseep for at least an hour because he only took a 45 minute nap this morning. Not hardly! As soon as we entered Macys, he was wide awake. He was nice enough to let me look around for the gift but then soon became angry about being in the stroller and wanted he started screaming. At this point, I am in the dressing room trying on clothes...not for much longer though. I didn't mind the screaming but I didn't want others to have to listen to it. Kaden got his way...out of the stroller he came. Needless to say, our trip to the mall was a short one. The good thing is that I already got my workout in for the day. Lugging around nearly 17 pounds in one arm and pushing the stroller with the other will do it for me today!

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  1. What a great pic of Kaden in his Daddy's chair.. The boy is a natural..
    Beautiful boy, great looking parents, wonder what his grandparents look like???