Thursday, April 22, 2010

the park

Kaden and I normally go for walks every afternoon. Mostly because he takes longer naps in the morning and because the afternoon is my only chance to catch some good sun rays. I desperately NEED a's pretty sad :( Anyways, Kaden decided that a 45 minute nap would be sufficient enough this morning so I made an executive decision to pass the time by taking a morning walk. We decided to stop at the neighborhood park and try out the swing and the slide. It wasn't the nicest day because the wind was blowing pretty hard for Kaden. He was taking long deep breaths. We didn't stay long but long enough for a couple of pics since this was our very first time. Every other time we pass by, there are always older kids playing and I didn't want to be the crazy mom who puts her 5 month old on the slide for a picture. He really enjoyed the swing so we'll probably be stopping by more often. But probably not until we find some shades for was pretty bright out too.

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