Sunday, July 11, 2010

On the Road Again

It seems like we have been on the road and on the go a lot since Kaden was born. I guess that what happens when you have a just keep going like the Energizer Bunny. We spent the last week on the road visiting grandparents, auntie B, cousins, great aunts and uncles, great grandparents and friends.

We celebrated 4th of July in Brenham and had a blast! Before we even left for the trip, I was so excited about taking Kaden to his first 4th of July parade in downtown Chappell Hill. That plan quickly changed when my mom volunteered herself and me to serve drinks at a private party during the parade. I thought we were going to be serving drinks like soda, tea, water and coffee. Oh no! We mixed and served alcoholic beverages...first time ever for both of us! Having never mixed a drink for anyone other than myself before, I was very nervous BUT we had a great time and even made a little money doing it! My 3 favorite guys stopped by for a bit but were soon headed back home for a much needed nap.

Later Saturday afternoon, we headed to the Jozwiak Texas BBQ Cook off to eat some good ole' Texas BBQ. Yum! Kaden had a good time and just ate up being passed around to all the wonderful ladies in the family.

Jenny always manages to wear something colorful when she knows that she's going to see Kaden. He convinced her to surrender her jewels or else...she was getting a BIG WET kiss!

Such an awesome Nana! Once this little boy was worn out from partying, she took him home to let him nap while Kass and I stayed and enjoyed ourselves a while longer.

And here's the BBQ Queen...Great Aunt Sandra. Unfortunately, she didn't place at the cook off but all of our tummies were sure thankful for her cookin'!

Sunday was a day of rest. And Kaden's 8 month birthday. We celebrated by going out for Mexican food and making him a cake! Well, the truth of it is, I really wanted a cake and it just so happened to be on his 8 month birthday!

Sunday night brought fireworks and lots of them. Right in the comfort of my parents backyard. Compliments of Kass, Kevan and Mark. You should have seen these men. They were lovin' it! Boys will be boys, even when they are old and gray I guess.

We were on the road again on Monday and headed to San Antonio to see Kaden's Great Pawpaw. Kaden didn't stop laughing at Great Pawpaw the whole time we were there! He likes to make funny faces and Kaden enjoys it. Here's a little recap of the visit in pictures. Pool time. And lots of it!

Exploring doggy doors... He may have had a little coaching from his parents :)

Sitting still just long enough for Great Grandma Sharon (pretty sure she won't like me calling her that but you are who you are) to read a few pages :)

Going out to Great Pawpaw's workshop to see where he makes all of his tick tack toe games and getting a little surprise. He made Kaden a rocking airplane. It is so cute! You can still see a little dust on it in this picture but now that it's home, it's all polished and upstairs ready for playtime.

Thursday brought us home sweet home but not before a stop in Austin to meet my friend, Brooke's sweet baby girl, Korbyn. She is just precious and so tiny! When Kaden was first born, friends would always tell us that they couldn't remember their children being that little. And now, we are saying the same thing! I am really looking forward to watching our children grow up together especially since Brooke and I have been friends since the first day we met at Mrs. Annie's many, many years ago!

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