Thursday, July 1, 2010

lil' fishy

Yep...I enrolled my almost 8 month old little boy in swim lessons through the City of McKinney Parks and Recreation. My intent was to find something that Kaden and his daddy could do together in the evenings since they really don't get all that much time together. Plus, I really wanted Kaden to get used to the water since his daddy and I love to be in or near it during the summer! It's so nice to be back in Texas for the very reason that you WANT to be in the water in the summer because it's SO HOT!

Back to swim lessons...did Kaden learn anything? Not really. Did I expect him to? Not really. The range of kiddos in this class was 6 months to 4 years. Too much of an age difference if you ask me. However, our little fish does know how to kick now and he has started blowing bubbles but only when his mouth is above water. Once he's under, he drinks lots of pool water!

Here are a few pictures from the second day of class. Ran out the door and forgot the camera for the first class :(

Every class started out with the group circling up and singing "The Wheels on The Bus" and every class ended in the same style singing "Motorboat." Kass confessed last night that the Motorboat song drove him nuts. It was pretty silly!

Kicking to come see mom on the sidelines :)

He loves hanging on to the side of the pool all by himself!

Next go around, I will look for a swim class with little ones closer to his age. We loved going because everyone always asked "how old is he?" To which we replied, "almost 8 months" and every response was "he's so cute!" Just being a mom and maybe gloating a little. So proud of my lil' fishy!


  1. Kass is such a trooper doing swim lessons with all the moms and their kids! Jason would have killed me if I did that! lol! Kass and Kaden are TWINS! Too sweet!

  2. What a cutie! How fun to do swim lessons. I'm positive he loved it (both of them)!

  3. I love the picture of him holding on to the side of the pool! He's so cute!