Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the park, mama and B

What better way to start off a weekend for a little guy who loves being outside with a couple of his favorite ladies?!?! Even when it's a chilly 60 degrees out. And by chilly, I really mean cold. The crazy 90 mile an hour wind didn't help things. But none the less, we hit the park for about an hour. All because it keeps this little guy smilin'!

This little man loves his time with B.

He loves to give kisses these days. And of coure I don't mind it one bit! I'm so glad my sister had the camera at this exact moment. Probably one of my favorite pics yet!

Oh and none of the pics have been edited. Why, you ask? Because my dang MacBook got a virus and I have yet to get it fixed. Seriously frustrated about it. We were a PC family until about a year ago when I begged my sweet hubby for a Mac. Just because I wanted one. I thought they were super cool. And I thought maybe a Mac would teach me to be a little more creative. And now look where I am... If it were a PC, the hubs could repair it, but not a Mac. So if you are reading this and have any advice on Macs and virus', please share.

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  1. The kissing picture is to die for! I love it. What a precious moment. Secondly, who gets a virus on their Mac??!! What in the world. Take it to the Genius Bar, my friend. They'll kiss it better. XO