Friday, August 12, 2011

Cowboys and Broncos

Two of our favorite NFL teams. One because we're Texans and the other 'cause we HEART Denver! We got to see both teams in action at Cowboys Stadium last night. My first time to the stadium.'s magnificent to say the least! Pictures don't do it justice.

Great game. Or so I have read. You see, we ALL went. Which means Kass and I didn't watch much of the game nor did we stay till the end to see the amazing win by the Cowboys. It's a little nerve wrecking taking a 21 month old who is so darn independent to an event that big. But absolutely worth it to see the huge smile on his face when the crowd got wild during the game. To see him get so excited when everyone else did (even though he had no idea what he was so excited about). That was the best part of it all! The innocence.

Yep, pretty sure we'd do it again. Just to see this smile. Maybe not on a Thursday night, but definitely again!


  1. Hard to be upset about that kid in a Cowboy's jersey when he's as cute as he is! Sounds like fun. I remember catchin' a game with you all back in the day! Awww,those were the good old days!