Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the sweetest thing

As I am finishing up laundry last night, I hear, "hit the ball", "hit the ball" coming from Kaden's room. Mind you, Daddy put him to bed about 30 minutes earlier. I check the monitor and he's sound asleep. All I can think is that he must have been dreamin' of his Daddy playing ball. Brings the biggest smile to my face...such a sweet little thing!

One of my favorite times to spend with Kaden is in the morning. It's just the 2 of us. He drinks his milk. I drink my coffee. Side by side on the couch. Lately, one of the sweetest sounds to my ears is, "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy". As in come get me out of bed. I'm done sleeping. I'm ready for my morning milk. And I'm ready to play.

I guess I'm not Mama anymore. Somewhere in the last month, he has picked up that I am his Mommy. Not gonna lie...I love it. Not sure who to thank, the childcare at the gym or his older friends in the neighborhood. But thanks. It makes my heart happy.

Something else that makes me happy...seeing this crazy head of hair on this sweet lil' thing in the mornin'. Yes. I am aware that it's long. And if I wasn't, trust me, there are plenty of people that remind me of this. I'm just not ready to let go of that sweet baby with those beautiful locks. So I'm just going to enjoy it while it lasts. I know he won't have those locks forever...

Just as quickly as he can be the sweetest thing, he can do a 180 and test every limit. Like this morning when I found this hot rod in the toilet. Just seconds after I warned him not to.

And I find this tractor on an end table when he knows it shouldn't be there. May not seem like a big deal to most but when he starts driving the tractor and scratching the table, this Mommy isn't happy. Boundaries. He tests them. Every single day.

And then, I'll find him sitting ever so quietly on the couch, feeding his bear a bottle. The sweetest thing. That I'm so blessed to call mine.


  1. So lucky to have this little dude in my life, I heart him so much!

  2. Oh my. So precious! I love his hair. And, I love that he is all boy. Of course he drives on the table!! Love to you all.