Wednesday, April 4, 2012

a hill country weekend

A few weekends back, we drove down to San Antonio to visit Great Pawpaw Fuchs and Grandma Sharon. It's quite a drive but Bluebonnets along the roads to the Texas Hill Country made it more enjoyable. We spent a lot of time outside. It was so nice, we couldn't resist. We had coffee and milk outside for breakfast each morning. Kaden and Pawpaw spent a lot of time out in the workshop. Pawpaw likes woodworking and I'm pretty sure Kaden enjoyed joining him for the many treats that are hidden out in the tamales, chocolates and Pepsi.

Since Pawpaw and Sharon live just down the road from Natural Bridge Caverns, we thought we'd go on a little African Safari, Texas Style ~ which means we drove through the wildlife ranch in our truck with our windows down, taking in all the animals.

Some of the animals got a little too close for my comfort. We rolled the windows up on this guy!

Looks like this fella is posing for his picture. Lemurs are such pretty animals.

You may not be able to tell from this picture but the female giraffe (on the left) is sticking her tongue out at the male. Silly girl! All the while, he was going crazy on the other side of the fence trying to get to her. True love.

After the safari drive thru, we visited the petting zoo. The goats munched on our clothes and the sheep were much too full to get off their bellies.

And at the end, we had one worn out little guy. Our job was done!

The most exciting event of the day for Kaden was watching the deer run through the Pawpaw's neighborhood at dawn and dusk. One evening, we had to go on a hunt for deer. So I snapped a few pics. No, we didn't actually shoot at them, but the boys sure did pretend to.

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