Wednesday, April 11, 2012

a hippity hoppity time

That's the kind of time we've had the last few days with the newest member of our family. Meet Bugs. Yes, Bugs the bunny. The name can be a little confusing for a 2 year old who likes bugs AND bunnies. So it took a several explanations but I think by day 4 of being bunny owners, we had it down.

Now I'm sure many of you are calling us crazy right now. You're thinking, "they live in the city, what on earth were they thinking, what will they ever do with a bunny?". Well we happen to have a little boy who is on the constant hunt for the rabbits that run our neighborhood. They are actually quite a nuisance. They eat our grass, eventually killing it, and they love to munch on my plants. We entertained the idea of getting a bunny for a few weeks (because we are always hunting them) and then the idea just went by the way side. Until...Nana mentioned she knew of a family that raised them and said she could possibly hook us up. So, for now, we have a pet bunny. I'm not sure how long he'll last with a rough and tough 2 year old boy as his owner. But we are getting a kick out of how much attention our little guy gives this bunny. He loves Bugs! He looks forward to giving him his lettuce snack every day and has finally come around to feeling comfortable with picking him up and holding Bugs all by himself. And as I am typing this, he has taken off with my phone and is saying "cheese Bugs" and "oh you look so cute". Yes. Precious.

We had beautiful weather over the Easter weekend. Until Sunday when it came time to hunt eggs after church, that's when the rain came down. We resorted to a mini egg hunt inside. Seems to have been the trend for the last few years. We spent most of Saturday outside with Nana, Papa and B. Playing with Bugs. Kicking the ball around in the backyard. Riding the jeep out front. Visiting Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.

And then when the sun went down, we headed in to dye eggs. Some of us were a little more patient and gentle with this than others. Not mentioning any names.

So proud of their work.

Thank you Jesus for paying the ultimate penalty for our sins. For that, we are ever thankful.


  1. A real life bunny???!!! Oh. My. Word! You are so brave. Also, it sounds like Kaden is talking so much! It pains me that I can't imagine his sweet little voice! What a cutie.