Tuesday, July 30, 2013

change of scenery

We just got back home from spending 8 days in the country with Nana and Papa.  The kiddos and me, anyway.  Kass was traveling for work.  We spent a lot of time outdoors while we were there.  Even with the super HOT temps.  Luckily, we found a pretty inexpensive way for Kaden to cool off because {I'm very certain} the boy would live outside with Papa while we are there.  This way he could have the best of both worlds.     

We spent one evening fishing.  Mainly, my dad and me.  Kaden did for a few minutes {maybe 10 tops} and then he was off searching for bugs and dirt and sticks and all the other things boys look for.  He still doesn't quite have the patience to sit and waaaaait for a fish to bite.  Ahhhh patience...not a virtue I was blessed with either.  Nonetheless, we all had fun!  And even caught enough fish worth keeping.   

Kaden is ALL BOY.  Without a doubt.  ALL BOY.  Sweet as can be.  But still ALL BOY.  So he was totally in heaven last week playing with dump trucks and tractors in Papa's barn.  His motto:  get as dirty and as hot and sweaty as possible.  And apparently, it's more fun to do this in your PJs and rubber boots.   

 We even chased around some jack rabbits...

and tried to catch frogs.  Mostly, we were trying to save them from the dogs playing with them until they croaked.  Get it?!?!  Croaked.

Kaden got to witness a baby calf being cleaned by his mama right after he was born.  Something he would never see here.  We missed the whole "giving birth" part.  I'm ok with that.  Not ready to have that conversation just yet.    

And no, we didn't catch or chase spiders.  As a matter of fact, I despise them and tend to stomp on the ones I do come across.  But I just thought this picture was too cool not to share.

Before we left, we made sure we got in a little baseball...

and a tour of the little creamery that's not so little anymore.  Hands down.  Best ice cream in the country.

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