Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a cute subject

Since it was only 80 out today here in McKinney (yes on December 21st), I decided it was time to take Kaden out in the backyard and test out the new camera in the natural light. I got it for my birthday last week from the boys and have yet to really use it outside. I love it. But there is still so much left to learn about it. Kind of overwhelming. I will be signing up for a photography class in the new year. A new hobby? Perhaps. Hope you enjoy the pictures of my cute lil' subject. And yes. There is one of the dog too. Only Patch though. Jess doesn't sit still long enough.


  1. Very very cute!! I love the pics!! I enjoy taking pics too and have been telling Matt that I want a good camera. What kind of camera did you get???

  2. I got the Nikon D3100. Love it so far and can't wait to learn how to use everything it has to offer :)