Wednesday, December 29, 2010

a merry little Christmas

We had just that. A merry little Christmas. It was absolutely wonderful. I loved every part of the day. Waking up in Christmas pj's. Indulging in the breakfast my hubby made. Watching my dad quietly sneak into Kaden's room to wake him up (he claims he was already awake but I'm 100% sure he was still asleep). The look on Kaden's face when he saw the big red horse Grandpa gave him. All the gifts piled under the tree. Cooking with family. Eating with family. Again and again. All. Day. Long. It's what you're suppose to do on Christmas, right?!?!

Here are a few pictures from our day. The first 2 are from the night before Christmas. I thought they were too cute not to post.

Auntie B having fun giving Kaden a bath. Love those curls!

This little boy loves to read. Especially about animals. And Jesus too.

This is the look. What?!?! For me?!?! Can I get on it already?!?!

Ahhhh...much better. Now giddy up and go! This is the 5th horse Kaden has gotten since he was born (3 stuffed horses, the 1 in the background and Big Red). Hmmm...maybe he'll be a cowboy... He loves Big Red. And must get a ride or 2 or 3 in daily.

Much to our surprise, Kaden was really in to all of his gifts. Not so much in the unwrapping part. But once the wrapping was off, he wanted the toys. Out of the box. Batteries installed. Ready to be played with.

Unfortunately, we didn't get many blog worthy pictures from the rest of the day. We were too busy eating. Cooking. And playing. I must say this was my favorite Christmas. I'm sure every year will just get better, especially when you get to see your little boy's face light up with joy. Thank you Lord for all the wonderful blessings in life!

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