Thursday, April 14, 2011

country time

Country time. And I'm not talking about the lemonade. Good ole' quality time spent out in CHT. That's where we spent the last few days. Running the Blue Bell Fun Run. Watchin' Kass play in the Cub vs. Alumni baseball game. And knockin' one clear out of the park! Eatin' and eatin' some more! Playin' and hanging out with the family. And lovin' every minute of it! I'll apologize in advance for the numerous pictures. I have a hard time sorting through and just picking a few...

This is the Tonka truck my sister and I used to play with. 29 years and still a goin'.

He's happiest when he's outside. So we spent just about every wakin' minute out there. Soakin' in the rays. Swingin'.


Lending a hand to Nana while she watered her plants. She only has a bazillion of them! That's her thing. Wish I had as green a thumb as her.

And swingin' some more.

This child CANNOT stand anything in his shoes. So we were constantly taking them off to get rocks and dirt out. Not sure who he inherited that from?!?!

Watchin' Harvey. This donkey is old. Really old. Like as old as the first year I showed my heifer in the Washington County Fair. He broke her and she STILL head butt me in the stomach in the show ring. Not a good first experience.

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  1. So, the plaid shirt just kills me! He is so cute. Brady would have loved that too. Boys just need to be outside! XO