Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at the Governor's Mansion

Growing up, my favorite Easter tradition was making a nest with Bluebonnets for the Easter Bunny to leave our Easter treats in. We never really did arts and crafts like coloring eggs and such. And I am ok with that. However, when you celebrate Easter in Oklahoma, there aren't Bluebonnets. So that scratches the nest making tradition. And when you're celebrating it with one crafty sister-in-law, well...you color eggs. And lots of them. Like 4 dozen. It was fun! Maybe I'll add it to our little family's Easter tradition for the future. The Easter Bunny was good, very good to the boys. Kaden didn't really get to "hunt" eggs. Good ole' Oklahoma weather didn't cooperate. It was rainy and chilly. I'm not sure he would have really been in to it yet anyway. Perhaps next year.

And yes, we celebrated Easter Sunday at the Oklahoma Governor's mansion. Pretty cool place. All 4 stories, 14,000 square feet of it. Kass' second cousin is married to Governor Mary Fallin. Yay for us! Boo for the crappy weather that didn't allow for an Easter egg hunt on the lawn and for making me forget to bring my camera in to take pics. So you'll just have to settle for the few that Kass snapped with his phone. On the drive back home, we were like, why didn't we get a picture with the Governor for memory sake because who knows how often something like this will happen again...after the fact, of course.


  1. Whoa - very swanky Easter indeed!! LOL! And the eggs look good!

  2. very cool! we couldn't make Easter nests here either, because the drought hasn't brought too many bluebonnets.

  3. How exciting! I'm your newest follower...you have a precious family and you take great pics! We are texans too, near Houston!