Sunday, May 9, 2010

Grandma's Visit

A couple of weeks ago, Grandma Coonse (Kass' mom) visited us from Pagosa Springs, Colorado. Kaden loves when we have visitors, especially when they are grandparents. Grandparents create a very spoiled child but I guess that's what they're here for! Grandma gave Kaden his very first bath in the kitchen sink.

And she bought him a new toy...the johnny jump up. He really likes it! I have a video that I will post a little later but for now, here's a cute picture.

So what does all this spoiling mean for me when Grandma leaves...lots of protests from Kaden because I have to retrain him to "our normal" day. I enjoyed Grandma's visit just as much as Kaden because it meant that I could have a few hours each day to myself for things like actually being able to enjoy my morning cup of coffee, not having to take a quick shower because someone may wake up halfway through his morning nap, running errands by myself and a quiet afternoon to enjoy a manicure and pedicure. It was pure bliss to be able to catch a few breaks! Thanks Grandma!

While Grandma was in town, her niece (Kass' cousin), Denae Taylor got married. Her new last name is Copeland (kind of weird since it's so close to our last name now). The ceremony and reception where held at White Rock Lake in Dallas. It was absolutely beautiful! Denae was such a stunning bride! The picture below is of all the cousins with the newlyweds.

A quick family photo...

Aaron, Catrina and Kamden drove down from Missouri for the wedding. Kaden was so excited to see his cousin Kamden. It had been a while so he was ready to give him a big smooch :)

Grandma left Saturday afternoon and was soon replaced by more visitors. Aaron, Catrina and Kamden stayed with us Saturday night before their long trek back to Missouri. We loved having them for the short while they were here. One of Kamden's favorite things to do is read. I am hoping Kaden picks up on this wonderful gift too! He seemed pretty interested when Kamden was reading at our house.

I can't wait until Kaden gets a little older so the 2 boys can actually play together. Kamden doesn't think "Baby Kaden" is very much fun at this age. Give him a few years and he'll be ready to hang with you Kamden :)

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