Thursday, May 13, 2010


Grandpa (Kass' dad) was in the Dallas area earlier this week doing a shoot for a movie so he came to spend a couple of days with Kaden. When Grandpa arrived Tuesday afternoon, we took a little walk over to the park. As always, he loves swinging...actually he just loves being BOY!

Since Grandpa was here on Wednesday too, he was able to see Kaden in action at The Little Gym. I think he was quite impressed! He calls it gymnastics, I call it working out...for me and Kaden :) Once we got home, Kaden had lunch and then went down for a nap. While he napped, Grandpa hung around the house which meant I was free to run errands baby free. I went to the most dreaded place ever...Walmart! Not really sure why I continue to give them my money. Everyone there is just unhappy and not very pleasant to be around. I'll spare you and not get off on that tangent. After nap time, Grandpa took Kaden to the park, allowing me to stay home and get a few things done.

And after one and a half days with Kaden, Grandpa is all tuckered out!

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  1. Great "Our Little Texan" quote.

    What a super visit, enjoyed every minute of it.

    That is not me on the sofa, them ain't my feet.