Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's West Texas. Dry. Hot, even this time of the year. Windy and dusty ole' West Texas. We lived it for several years. Then Kass graduated and we moved from it. Did I mention the bazillion stickers? Everywhere you turn around. The bottom of your shoes. Your jeans. In your little one's feet because you missed picking one up off the floor.

We traveled out West last weekend to Abilene. Kass had a hunting trip planned and Kaden and I were spending quality time with Aimee and Caleb. It was so nice to see, once again, that things don't always have to be so rushed, as in the big D. It's a simpler time there, I felt. And it was great! That's what I loved so much about Lubbock. Simplicity.

Because the boys are on different nap schedules, it was a bit of a challenge to plan an outing. Every morning was a given. The boys played their little hearts out in their pjs.

Friday afternoon, we ventured out to the HEB. Did a little grocery shopping. The boys got to ride in the 2 seater grocery cart. Caleb enjoyed torturing Kaden with his sippy cup 'cause I forgot Kaden's in the car.

After lunch on Saturday, Kass and I took Kaden to the park that's right across from their house. The boys had fun. Swinging. Dodging stickers. Climbing trees. Don't panic. Kass climbed up first, then I handed him Kaden for the shot. Just being boys...

And later that afternoon, all 6 of us went to The Jump Around. Cool place. Filled with tons of different bounce houses. And a special section with mini bounce houses and other gadgets for kiddos 3 years and under to play with. Pretty sure if we had one here, we would frequent it a couple times a week.

Saturday evening, we enjoyed chicken and venison fajitas. The venison from Kass' hunt. It was yummy! And after that, it was lights out for most. And back to the big D Sunday morning.

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