Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the truck. the dirt. the construction tape.

The cake. That was my favorite part of Kaden's 1st birthday party. The way it turned out. The way Kaden enjoyed playing in it. The way it tasted. See for yourself.

I wanted his 1st birthday party to be perfect. And it was nothing less. Our home was full of family. Friends. Lots of kiddos. Tons of gifts for the birthday boy. The construction theme comes from what Kaden loves best. Trucks. Tearing things apart. And then trying to put them back together.

This lil' stinker is grinning from ear to ear because we are singing "Happy Birthday" to him. He loves the fact that all eyes are on him. The center of attention! Yes. I cried. There's just something about 50 of your closest peeps singing "Happy Birthday" to your little boy.

mmm...this tastes pretty good...

Maybe I can get more if I just stick my whole face in it?!?!

awe I have to be done already...

Yes. He enjoyed it. So did his hair. His ears. And well, the rest of his little body.

Luckily, we got some family pictures before the party started. Some with silly faces. Others serious.

With Nana and Papa. My parents.

And a couple of 4 generations pictures. Below are Kass, Kaden, Grandma (Kass' mom) and Great Mema.

This 4th generation picture was taken after the party. Can you tell? Everyone looks worn out. Below are Kass, Kaden, Great Grandma Copelin and Grandpa (Kass' Dad).

I am so thankful and pleased for the way the party turned out. It has taken me a while to recover from all the planning. All the running around to try and find just the right things. All the sleepless nights of just laying in bed thinking about it. And how it would turn out. Glad that only happens once a year. Thank you to all of the family and friends for your love and support during Kaden's first year. And thank you GOD for blessing me with a supportive, understanding, helpful and loving husband to help care for our lil' blessing from you.

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  1. Great post as well as a super party. That is Kaden's Grandpa(Kevan) with Kaden, Kass, and Great Grandma Copelin.