Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday to Our Little Texan!

Wow! It's so hard to believe that our little bundle of joy...

...became this sweet little boy over the last year! Time flies.

Kaden and I started the day by visiting Starbucks. I grabbed a much needed caffeine boost to be able to keep up with him all day ('cause we were doin' whatever he wanted) and a slice of pumpkin bread to share with the birthday boy. After that, we met his friends at the mall to play and to indulge in birthday cupcakes. That put us home with the little guy needing a nap. But having nothing to do with it. Since, it was his birthday, he got away with it. We tried again later and out he went. Just like a light. Daddy got home early. A very nice surprise. That's when Kaden opened his gift from Mama and Daddy.

Yep, it's a Mack truck. Complete with trailer. Battery operated. He loves it!

We went out for dinner. No place really special. Chilis. But none the less, it meant I didn't have to make anything. The waiter brought the birthday boy a little bowl of ice cream. As you can see...he thought it was pretty tasty.

That's all I have from the BIG day. I'm exhausted. Kaden was exhausted. And Daddy is tired too. Early bedtimes around here tonight. We have lots left to get ready for the party on Saturday.

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  1. Makes us smile!
    Can't wait to see y'all this weekend.

    -C & B