Monday, November 22, 2010

lovey, lovey

We got a whole week of Grandma to ourselves the week after Kaden's big party. And we all loved it. Quality time with Grandma is priceless. Especially when you don't get to see her very often. She taught Kaden so much. She says he's a fast learner. I think it had a little to do with a good teacher too. Lovey, lovey. Probably the cutest thing he learned, ever. Just say lovey, lovey and he'll rest his sweet little head on your shoulder. Melts my heart every time. He now knows the hand motions to Patty Cake and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. And loves to give high fives. Wish I would have thought to teach him these things. But it's oh so sweet that Grandma was the one.

We visited the play area in the mall, not once, but twice that week.

Rode the carousel at the mall...

And since Grandma wanted all the time she could get with Kaden, all to herself, I got a lot of things checked off my list. Including shopping, for myself, by myself. Grand, I tell you! If I had been a little smarter, I would have done all of my Christmas shopping then too. It was a fun, productive week. We all hope she gets to come back again. Sooner, rather than later...

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