Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Friday Fun

Last Friday was Kass' Friday off from work so we met some friends for lunch in downtown Frisco. After lunch, they introduced us to a cool little waterpark for kids. And of course, Kaden enjoyed himself because water was involved!

Some areas were a little more dangerous than others. Once these buckets were full of water, they would tip over with a bit of force. The older kids loved it! We made sure we kept Kaden and Logan away from the splashing buckets. Give it a few years and they'll enjoy it too.'s a little too close to my face!

You bet! We had to get this shot...classic!

Kaden's sweet friend, Logan.

Watch out boys, the water is about to come back on and get you!

See ya! Crawling is so cool...I get to go where I want and by myself!

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  1. What a neat place! I wish we had something like that!