Tuesday, June 22, 2010

second cousins

A couple of weeks ago, the Fuchs and Zimmerman families (Kass' aunt, uncle and cousins) stopped by for a short visit on their way to Oklahoma for a family reunion. Maybe I should say a brief visit...they were here for an hour Friday afternoon on their way to Oklahoma and just long enough to have burgers and a couple of glasses of wine before they were back on the road Saturday evening headed home to Huntsville. We were more or less a meeting place/pit stop since they were coming from 2 different places and only wanted to drive one car to Oklahoma. Aimee and Caleb actually ended up staying the night Saturday and we were so happy they did! We put the boys to bed and then spent the next several hours that evening catching up...it was great! Poor Aimee, I'm sure she was so tired on her drive back to Abilene Sunday morning. I don't think we went to bed until midnight...and that is VERY late for us these days!

Kaden really enjoyed hanging out with his second cousin, Caleb. Caleb is exactly 2 months older but you'd never guess it since Kaden is such a BIG boy...97th percentile people!

The boys had fun watching the dogs through the window. Well, I should say that Caleb had fun. He was cracking up and it was so cute. Kaden was admiring Caleb's laugh. You see, he gets to see these dogs everyday, and they aren't that funny anymore. He still loves 'em though.

Kaden enjoyed chasing Caleb around the house. Since Caleb is a little older, he has this crawling thing down...he's so fast!

So sweet...giving goodbye kisses...

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  1. Brooke, I feel like they look alike! I love that Kaden is getting so big! What a cutie.