Tuesday, June 8, 2010

a week of many firsts

Last week held lots of firsts for the Copelin family. Since Kass and I got married almost 7 years ago, we have tried to take a sunny beach vacation each summer. Last summer, that did not happen. Probably because I was preggo and trying to finish my MBA by August so that I could prepare to have Kaden. I really wanted to go back to Jamaica, which is where we honeymooned, but after delaying Kass from booking the trip, the cost skyrocketed so we settled on Destin, Florida. Now, why would I delay him from booking the trip?!?! I was being a mom and stressing out about how I was going to deal with leaving my little boy overnight...not just one night but THREE nights. I was really concerned about even being able to enjoy the vacation...quickly got over that once we were in Destin on the beach!!! Plus I knew that Kaden was in good hands with Nana :)

On our drive down to Brenham, we stopped and met up with Kass' family on Lake Waco. This marks the first first...Kaden being on a lake! We had burgers and hung out for a little while until Kaden was worn out. He feel asleep in Denae's arms for a few minutes while we were visiting. And then slept all the way from Waco till we turned down the road to my parents. Perfect timing!

We made it to Brenham around 4 pm that day. My parents grilled out and the other Bilski's joined us for dinner, drinks and several rounds of volleyball. Kaden got his first taste of freshly shucked corn on the cob that evening. Not really but he was entertained with it for a little while... I think he thought it was a big deal because the look on his face was like...really, I can have this? :)

On Sunday, we headed to the pool. Kass and I were able to start our vacation a little early because my parents stayed with Kaden while he napped and then brought him out to the pool. We got to catch a few rays without the babe which was nice. He was a little nervous about ALL of the water at first but warmed up to the idea. He starts swim lessons in a few weeks so I'm happy that his first time of being in the big pool is over. I got the baby pool out today and we are going to try it out once Kaden wakes up from his nap. I'm sure there will be a post about that too...you know me, one proud mama!

Swimming wore him out so after a little cat nap, Kaden met a baby calf for the first time. Introducing Alfalfa... He wasn't too sure about the idea at first but was smiling shortly after the initial intro. I'm thinking that he better get used to the idea of cows because I am very certain that when he's old enough, he'll be checking cows with Papa all the time.

Kass and I left for Destin early Monday morning but not before seeing Kaden for a few minutes before headed out. We had a great time! It was so nice to be able to relax and get a break from being parents for a few days. We really enjoyed being able to go to dinner...just the 2 of us! And especially enjoyed relaxing and reading on the beach. I feel very refreshed and am ready for whatever Kaden has in store! By the way...did I mention that he is now crawling...yep, I needed that vacation now that I have to chase him around all day!

So here's a BIG thanks to Nana and Papa for watching Kaden while Kass and I enjoyed a little time together!

The best part about the whole trip, besides vacationing with my wonderful husband on the beach, was getting back to my parents and seeing Kaden. He had the biggest smile on his face and reached out for me to take him. Now that just melted my heart!

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