Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the country

That's where Kaden and I spent last week. Kass was working out in his new field in Conroe so Kaden and I stayed with my parents. It was nice. Peaceful. Relaxing. Quiet. Real quiet. No hammering. No sawing. No lawn mowers. Just the way I like it. Simple.

I caught a lizard, only because I had to. It was in the bathroom and I refused to be in there as long as it was. There were lots of them. Jess caught a few. Played with them till they were dead. I thought Kaden might be interested. Not so much. He was more interested in rolling the glass jar around on the tile floor.

We spent lots of time outside in the yard. Swinging. And more swinging. Kaden played in the Scooby Doo pool Nana bought for him. He loves being outside at my parents. He stands at the back door and bangs on it until someone takes him out. My dad tried to defer his attention a couple of times but that only resulted in a fit. So out they went. The dogs love being in the country too. Roaming a fence free yard. Chasing jack rabbits. Barking at cows. Kaden had fun exploring Nana's kitchen. The cabinets. The drawers. And everything in between.

I got a couple of ant bites. Haven't had any in years. Not saying that I like ants, but they just remind me of the country. We visited Kaden's great grandparents. Hung out with cousin Chelsea. Drove Papa around while he moved tractors from place to place to place. Had lunch with Nana at Must Be Heaven. Spent an evening with Grandpa.

I like the country. I like seeing land. Green pastures. Cows. Hay. Barbed wire fences. Dirt roads. Never thought I would say this. But I miss the small town I grew up in. Maybe one day we can return to the simple life. Don't get me wrong, I love where we live now. But everything just seems so fast. ALL. THE. TIME. It's nice to have a place to go when we want a change of pace.

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