Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Curious Kaden

That's what I wanted to call him after our lunch date today. On a weekly basis, we try to get together with our friends, The Roberson's (mama Lauren and baby Josie Kate) for lunch. We normally rotate between our homes and just have something as simple as sandwiches.

Kaden was very curious about Josie today. All he wanted to do was get down from his highchair and go play with her. So we did just that. He is so rough with other kids though. I really have to watch him. And this was no exception. Josie is only 3 months old and he immediately wanted to grab her arms and legs and start playing with them like they were toys. He's all boy I tell you!

Baby Josie Kate, one day you will be big enough to take him :) For now, just be your sweet innocent little princess self!

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